MoonPie Memories


The Williams family began its multi-decade love affair with the one-and-only MoonPie generations ago, when my great-grandfather, William H. Williams III, first brought home three MoonPies for my Granddad to share amongst his five siblings. Although MoonPies were always affordable, times were tough during the Great Depression, and three MoonPies for five kids was still considered a reason for Grandpa and his brothers and sisters to celebrate! 

Fairness for all was important to Great-Grandma, a retired librarian, who would carefully divide two of the delectable snacks into five equal parts, so each kid received an equal portion of two of the three MoonPies. However, Great-Granddad was a World War I veteran and a sports fan, and he encouraged competitiveness among his kids. He would come up with all sorts of fun games and competitions involving horseshoes, obstacle courses, footraces and rope climbing, motivating all the youngsters to try their hardest in the winner-take-all family challenge. It was every kid for his- or herself! The prize, of course, was an entire MoonPie, which the winner would inevitably choose to share with his siblings. Well, most of the time, anyway!

Growing up with a love for MoonPies rooted in his childhood family challenges, my granddad chose not to make my father work quite as hard for his MoonPies, but he still reserved them for special occasions, rewarding good behavior or personal achievements, as sweets were not usually allowed in Grandmother’s strict household.

Though my parents divorced, I saw them both often, and when I was a boy, my dear Dad taught me to play Frisbee, a favorite sport of his. I fondly remember weekend evenings spent with Dad in a wide-open field near his apartment, watching the sun go down, my mouth watering with anticipation of a trip to the store for a delicious MoonPie after dinner.

I have a daughter now, and she’s just about old enough to try her first MoonPie. I think maybe I’ll teach her to play Frisbee, too. Thanks for helping us create a fantastic family tradition filled with meaningful memories, MoonPie. Here’s to another century of the perfect snack!