MoonPie Memories!

As one of the most beloved American snacks on the planet, nearly everyone has a favorite MoonPie moment. Maybe it’s the first MoonPie you shared with a grandparent, a family tradition or funny incident among friends. We’ve collected memories from numerous MoonPie fans throughout the years, and are happy to share a few of our favorites. Click here to read them for yourself. Hopefully, they will inspire you to share one of your favorite MoonPie moments with us as well.

My favorite MoonPie memory is when I was expecting my first child I seem to crave the chocolate double decker moon pie, and one night i got up in the midle of the night to sneek one while my husband was sleeping, I was too sleepy to sit up and eat so


In the mid 80's, I attended a black tie affair honoring Wal-Mart's Sam Walton. In his talk following dinner, he discussed several techniques used to motivate his employees. One such technique was having each employee select their favorite product,

My favorite Moon Pie memory is one of the most bizzare experiences I've ever had. I was driving my squad car one Summer night, eating a Moon Pie, I received a call of a man walking down the highway, in the nude.

A friend of ours was on a break at work. He had only one MoonPie and since he liked them so much he did not want to share it with his friend. Trying not to appear selfish he opened the MoonPie, licked one whole side of it, and asked his friend if he wanted some of it.

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